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We do not have "projects". The word "project" sounds like something that is done once and never again. We have "initiatives". We focus on training and organizing to help local communities to undertake their own "projects" or "initiatives". We build relationships that last - not just to build a wall, or dig a well. The community itself identifies their needs, and initiates their projects. And they will continue them into the future.


Some of our initiatives: 





Community Building - Our primary work - creating a community of common interest that can work to improve the health and well being of all members.

This group in El Corozo is meeting to discuss and prioritize the initiatives for their community.

Delegation from MN visiting Teustepe community.



















Intercultural Exchanges - We sponsor and facilitate delegations from South to North and North to South. These visits accomplish many things:

  • Create and sustain long lasting relationships.
  • Educate participants in the history and richness of a different culture.
  • Engage in the work of changing the world to enable all of us to reach our full potential.
  • Always regarded as "life changing" events.


















Organizational Training - To enable a community create a functioning organization to achieve their goals. It can help them to to set up a co-op or a legal entity, to construct a oven for firing pottery, to organize to install a water project, or to repair a road.

This group from Teustepe is celebrating their annual "retreat" to focus their energies and plan new membership initiatives. Song is an essential element of all of their meetings.


















Leadership Training - We provide training to enable local leaders to organize and create community structures that will endure, that can  advocate on behalf of their entire community.

This group of community leaders is planning their next community gathering, and discussing better means of communication.


















Small loan program - Our micro finance effort enables local enterpreneurs to run small businesses. It helps families acquire things to improve their lives, such as appliances, tools, and means of tansportation.

This is a group of women potters, who have used their loan program to construct a community kiln. These are some of their products.



Managua Center - We maintain a center in Managua to host visitors and conferences that support our goals. This beautiful setting provides services for large and small groups that are engaged in our works.

The Center is also available for other groups with similar goals. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a visit to Nicaragua. 

















Travel Related Services - We assist our members and other groups with transportation and logistics, and translation services to help maintain their community relationships.


This group is traveling with their Sister Community for their annual retreat together.


















Environmental Awareness - We focus on environmental awareness with all of our communities.  We all share one world, and we are all responsible for our quality of life. We help our groups visit Natural Preserves and other locations within Nicaragua that are known for their natural beauty.

















Children's Programs. We often work with the children in a community in order to help the adults understand the benefits of organizing, and to gain their trust and confidence. The children are wonderful embassadors, and a joy to work with. 

Remember - we're all in this together. When our friends in Nicaragua prosper, it enriches our world. When they are suffering, we are all less.

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