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Every contribution counts and helps a lot. These are some of the needs:

  • Small Loan Programs. The communities we work with have very little access to banks and credit. Our small loan programs enable their enterpreneurs to run small businesses. They use the loan to acquire merchandise to sell, or facilities and tools to create products. Around the world, small loan programs charge very high interest rates. Because our programs are all community based, and supported by strong community ties, they can charge very modest interest rates - like 2%.
  • Community Center and Garden. One community is constructing a Community Center. They will use it to conduct their business, hold community celebrations, and training. They have also started a community garden to raise food for their poorest members.
  • Road Project. One community is organizing to construct a road. Their current road is difficult in the best of weather, and almost impassable when it rains. Their farmers cannot easily get product to market. Any medical emergency requires a perilous journey on foot or with an ox cart. They are working with their local government and other resources to solve this problem.
  • Health Center. This same community has identified the need for a Health Center. They get periodic visits of medical personnel, but there is no place for them to see patients.

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